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4 Amazing Uses of BLE Beacons in Tourism

4 Amazing Uses of BLE Beacons in Tourism

BLE Beacons are fresh new things in tourism right now that are taking the world of tourism and even the hospitality industry by storm. Today almost everyone has a mobile device which makes it important for tourist attractions to integrate Mobile development in their operations. Beacons offer a targeted area of coverage and allow users to access and use functionalities or information that is limited to a specific location without the need of any Wi-Fi or cellular connection enabling any…

In-House Development vs. Outsourcing: Honest Comparison

In-House Development vs. Outsourcing: Honest Comparison

Outsourcing is an efficient method of cost saving used both by big and small companies. Outsourcing is the practice of hiring an outside firm, unrelated to your own business, to perform work that the company itself would perform. Because of its effectiveness, outsourcing has become an industry on its own which is how the outsourcing market reached 104.6 billion dollars in 2015. Big companies use outsourcing as a method to save costs. Companies that perform jobs on their own increase…

Reasons to Have a Mobile-friendly E-commerce Website

Reasons to Have a Mobile-friendly E-commerce Website

With more people having access to the internet and better smartphones, businesses want to harness the power of this target audience. While many brick and mortar businesses have additionally added websites or web stores their marketing strategies, the e-commerce industry has an even stronger connection to mobile and web development. One of the many reasons e-commerce is thriving is the convenience it offers. It is not just about the comfort of shopping but other benefits as well. In 2017, 71%…

What is new in Swift 4.2?

swift logo

At the beginning of June, the largest event for iOS endorsers took place – WWDC18. SoftTeco brings you an overview of what Apple has in store for the developer community. Several updates for Swift were presented there. Main attention was focused on the following: faster compilation, new language features that improve efficiency and reduce boilerplate. Certainly, SDK improvements for Swift were presented too. Apple promises that Obj-C API will reflect Swift better and the language usage will become easier. Work…

The most promising fintech projects of 2018

The most promising fintech projects of 2018

In the world of new technology, fintech is among the most profitable and exciting places to be. A plethora of innovative new products come out each year, making it easy to manage, invest, secure, save, lend and pay money for both business clients and individuals. These services are extremely easy and convenient to use, often coming in the form of mobile apps and web apps. A lot of these products acquire the trust of masses of people and investors. With…

How web applications are developed – a full cycle

How web applications are developed - a full cycle

While coding is without a doubt an essential part of web development, there are multiple behind the scene steps that general public truly doesn’t get to know much about. Whether it’s an enterprise app development or a software development for a small business application, there are multiple steps that need to be followed during the web application development lifecycle. To help you understand how web applications are developed at SoftTeco, we’re bringing you the 5 steps which our team passes through. 1….

Top 6 Automated QA tools for Mobile App Testing

Top 6 Automated  QA tools for Mobile App Testing

As the need for more complex applications increases software development practices change along with them which means the tools to test and manage them change as well. In mobile app development, one of the biggest concerns for developers is ensuring the app operates without any bugs or glaring flaws which makes application testing an incredibly important part. In most cases, there just isn’t time for developers to manually check every single thing about the app during the testing process which…

The benefits of using Amazon Web Services for Cloud Computing


Thanks to the rise in SaaS Development, the demand for cloud computing has become higher than ever before. When your business moves any application or data to the cloud, accessing it and using it becomes much more convenient. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is one of the leading Cloud Development and Service providers that is a scalable and affordable choice for both small businesses and major companies. If you’re looking for a cloud computing solution for your business infrastructure then AWS…

Mobile healthcare startups: promising technologies

Healthcare solutions

Mobile health refers to the employment of wireless technologies like mobile phones for the purposes of medical care using the web. It is most commonly used in educating customers about preventive healthcare measures, and also employed in the monitoring of diseases, support, treatment, managing chronic diseases and tracking epidemic outbreaks. Startups are innovating new platforms that can function using mobile technologies across several categories, including the management of diabetes, mental health and pharmacy delivery. With emergency rooms being overcrowded, healthcare…

How to protect your app from data breaches

How to protect your app from data breaches

In a world growing increasingly dependent on technology, mobile security has never been so important. Things are bound to occasionally go wrong, either because of internal errors, such as leaving unencrypted information lying around, or external ones, such as hackers gaining access to information. Data breaches are becoming increasingly common, undermining the hard work done during app development on both iOS and Android apps. Companies are always on the lookout for measures they can take to prevent them, increasing their…

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